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book of the year winning science fiction/fantasy author
The Deadly Crocus
The Luck of Madonna 13
Treasure of the Holy Quincunx


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the Nevergate cycle

I’ve come to think of this family of ten books as a couple of mini-series that together span 5,000 years. More or less.


Last Nevergate


This six-episode mini-series features a plucky too-lucky Sixteener named Glendyl on a Quest her 249 predecessors failed to survive. The first episode — The Luck of Madonna 13— begins in 2534 in an IsoTown of pacifist vegetarians called St Coriander. It received Book of the Year honors. Twice.
The Luck of Madonna 13

Book One

“Ellison is a new force on the fantasy and science fiction scene. What a story!”
“Original enough that it begs for its own genre.”

The Ashes of Madonna 13

Book Four

“Electrifying and fantastical …
liberally sprinkled with pulse-pounding action, sparkling
humor, wit, and sharp dialogue.”

The Mask of Madonna 13

Book Two

“Smart, funny, humane, and superbly well-written, this is science fiction at its most entertaining.”

The Axe of Madonna 13

Book Five

“Cutting edge story telling continues…two axes at extremes of existence get busy as the fantastical continues, sprinkled  as always, with pulse-pounding action, sparkling humor, wit, and sharp dialogue, etc.”

The Gohst of Madonna 13

Book Three

“An ambitious installment in a rollicking series that deserves big screen adaptation. Ellison knows his craft, and it shows.”

The Cult of Madonna 13

Book Six

“Even epics must end and this one goes out with a bang. Literally…if that isn’t giving something away. With St Coriander becoming uninhabitable, Glendyl must find it a new home – but not in the neighborhood. Cult is a wild and satisfying conclusion to a hugely original epic saga…some have said.”

Falling sky

This three-episode mini-series features an innocent runaway teen Queen of Niceness named Glix. Her world’s sky is falling and the pranksies think she’s the one to save it. Glix isn’t buying it, but Lady Crocus, the mad sky goddess, knows better and schemes to neutralize her. Can Glix win a war against the brains behind her planet? Not without a lot of unusual help …


Book One

“Pure madcap fun … readers will cheer Glix on the whole way. [This is] a winning mix of dystopia, fantasy, and hard SF that’s impossible to put down.”

Book Two

“Original and off-kilter, this is not a regular humorous SF novel with a touch of fantasy around the edges: at its heart, it is a deep exploration of humanity’s resilience in the face of extreme circumstances.”

The Black Door

Book Three

“Hidden on the mysterious Oreo, the Black Door is an entry to reading thrills as it concludes this marvelous, one-of-a-kind, never to be replicated scifi/fantasy.”

Travis One-Shoe

A ‘sort of’ prequel to The Last Nevergate Chronicles, this is a free-standing first-person future thriller, complete with ‘adult situations’ and ‘modern language’. The loner hero — Ranger Travis One-Shoe — is a down-on-his-luck ‘security guy’ who gets sucked into a trillion tero scheme to grab the hidden wealth of a dead IsoTown. Unfortunately, bigger dogs are after the same bone…


“… feels like Neal Stephenson writing The Maltese Falcon — a funny, fast-paced science fiction heist and a wild romp of a story.”

“A fascinating thriller … high octane, tense and fast moving.”

“Brilliantly realized … a kickass SF story written with wit and intelligence.”

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How Noah Lost His Ark

Just getting your eyeballs on Lysheem’s outrageous Triplehorn Helmet should be reason enuf to download this colorful bunch of pages that you can’t buy anywhere. But because I believe you deserve an even more splendiferous reward for just existing, the Genesis PDF is a couple of clicks away, loaded endless fascinations – not the clicks, the PDF. What kinds of fascinations? You can decide for your very own self once you download it. You’ll thank yourself for taking the plunge, no signing up and no occasional notifications, alerts and whatevers. And I’ll never pillage your goodwill by selling your info or assaulting your inbox with overmuch stuffage.

Lysheem of Cavvitoy of Lyshandrik of Carrfindoy of Lyvvittus of Cassimoy is a wyvern. That means she’s extremely tall, strong, hairless, has wings and a very useful tail. Readers of The Luck of Madonna 13 have met her 250-year-old self and know she’s a fearless ass-kicker. They may also recall she spent most of her life stranded on Montserrat, a hard-luck volcanic island in the Lesser Antilles. In How Noah Lost His Ark, you’ll meet the teenage Lysheem. As I write this it’s a novella on its way to becoming a short novel…(editors note: Alas, this will remain uncompleted.)

Genesis and Noah